Where is everyone staying?

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Which hotel are people thinking of staying at? It'd be nice to get an idea. I know it's early as of this posting. 

reply to Beth - re: High Season and Nueva Vida

Beth - after reviewing my notes I know remember Tita Tulum.  I think it had a lot of damage last year after the hurricane, and I remember all the furniture seeming a little more than just "Tulum Rustic."  Nueva Vida maybe expensive but all their rooms were really nice and furnished well.  Some of Tulum's hotels (like La Zebra) have deceptively small cabanas.  Nueva Vida's rooms are large and lofty.
We have tried and tried to a tiring degree to negotiate rates but my only conclusion is that Tulum hotels  just don't seem interested in negotiating rates.  Really silly but that's just what I found.  Ridiculous policies.  I
July and generally starting in late May, early June is considered low season for the area, but I guess for Nueva Vida they consider it high season as this is the time when a lot of Europeans come to travel.  Now when I say "a lot" I mean possibly 1 or 2 other couples from somewhere in Europe maybe coming to the hotel. 
Los Lirios is a nice option for hotels.  I think if you wait, they usually have a promotion in the summer for Stay Two Nights Thrid Night FREE .  
Another option would be to rent a house.  Check locogringo.com  There are two houses in Tulum in prime locations that are available for weekly rental.


We're renting a beach house

Thanks to Robin for the good idea.... we've reserved a beach house - Zamna Guest House - through locogringo. We're teaming up with Carol and Phil and maybe Louise too. We're just north of Nueva Vida. And we'll have plenty of room for visitors.

If anyone is still looking, La Luna looks really nice - you'll find them on vacationrentals.com (or link from that very useful list of hotels that Gary posted a link to on this page).
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More Tulum Info

Another place to check for more info is http://www.tulum.info

There are pretty active message boards there, that may have some good information on the local hotels.


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Hotel websites

Here is a great post on tulum.info with links to the hotel's websites, ordered by the hotel's location on the beach road:


Very handy!

when's high season anyway?

We've written to Nueva Vida de Ramiro. And they've replied very charmingly to us but there's one thing: they count July 1+  as high season, where other hotels have the first half of July as low season.  Have you guys asked them about a group deal... at least that they might let everyone have a lower rate.

I'm also thinking about Tita Tulum, which is right there too and gets good reviews on Trip Advisor. Since we're a family of four, having a cabana with 2 double beds is just about right... and that is (I think) all of Tita's cabanas. Does anyone know anything about them?

I'm just so excited. I have been telling absolutely everyone about this wedding. Even Ollie and Adinka's nursery school teachers know about our big summer plans for Mexico and Gary and Robin's wedding. Yikes!
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Los Lirios almost definitely.


I think Los Lirios for us...

Their prices are good and they have AC.  I  like the looks of Zulum too bc of the swing beds and pool! :)