It's Official

It's official! Gary and I tied the knot (at least on paper) today at town hall in Hoboken. My parents joined us to witness the moment.


Robin and Gary at City Hall

Here is us at city hall about to be wed. We went to see the judge in private chambers. You could really tell he enjoyed the wedding portion of his job!


Robin with bouquet

Flowers were done by Takashimaya.


Detail of the bouquet containing roses, peonies, hydrangea.



My parents served as our witnesses.


Outside city hall


City Hall

We had a lot of well-wishers outside of city hall. It was so sweet!


So it's really official! Mexico here we come!



Congratulations after the fact and ahead of time

Now it's official. And I guess Mexico will make it real...Cool

We are very lucky to have such a charming new member of our family. Welcome! And congratulations to a great couple from us out here in the Bohemian wilderness. We are looking forward being part of the moment in Tulum.